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Illegal BDSM sexstories
He was excited, buckling up his high leather polished motorcycle boots; he stood slipping on a black satin shirt. Dressing wasn't essential but he thought it would heighten the evening entertainment. He had the black leather gear for riding his motorcycle so it was there to use. He stood and walked over to the full-length mirrors in the room, adjusting each to the best angle. He checked the rope loop, coming down from the ceiling, in the centre of the room and scanned around making sure it could be seen in the mirrors.

He sat and waited, sipping a cold drink. The girl had been ordered to attend his home by telephone that day. She was told she would be whipped, and so had all day to contemplate it. He smiled as he thought of the anticipation she must feel as the hour approached. There would be no preamble when she arrived, no coffee or small talk; she would be stripped, bound, punished then used. He smiled contemplating the wonderful erotic tension of it all.

He heard the key in the front door; she had arrived. She walked into the room and looked around, already breathing heavily with anticipation. Silently she removed her shoes and walked towards him as he sat. She walked on tiptoes erotically, and then stopped next to the loop of rope, looking at it sexually, then looking at him.

He watched her remove her shoes, such a simple yet erotic thing. She had been told early in their relationship that she must be barefoot in his presence. This was for specific reason; was that it the fact that turned him on incredibly; he viewed a barefoot woman as sexual, vulnerable, and naturally submissive. The power contrast between her delicate bare feet and his harsh, masculine motorcycle boots. His manhood stiffened at this image. He felt his adrenalin begin, feeling forceful now and turned on by her look.

He stood and walked around behind her. She moved her feet together, flexing her toes in excitement. He felt a burst of aggressive tension grip him, lapsing into his role, he gritted his teeth and began to strip her. She wore clothes that could be easily ripped away, he had contemplated stripping her after she was bound; but this would leave items of clothing hanging of her. He was a person who admired neatness; this had to look right, though he would have enjoyed stripping her this way. He worked through her clothing, blouse, skirt, thong all ripped away quickly. He loved her rapid breathing as she was brutally stripped by him. She was totally naked now, another beautiful image, her smooth naked body against his clothed form, his manhood swelled further as this image gripped him.

He gripped her arms and raised them above her head, turned on further as her smooth naked body Brushed against his leather trousers, her bare feet brushing his boots. He slipped her slender wrists through the rope as he lifted her up, the rope was well placed. When he released her weight she would drop down onto the balls of her feet, comfortable but stretched. He released her weight and she assumed her position, stretched, hands bound high above her Every inch of her naked body vulnerable to him. As final piece of preparation, he took her hair and swept it away from her back, placing it over her right shoulder. He gripped her hips with his hands and slowly slid them up her flat torso until his smooth palms Washed over her breasts, rubbing on her erect nipples. She gasped in delight as he did this.

He took a few steps back admiring her naked body now, he felt alive with sexual power, his teeth gritted to control the overwhelming masculine aggression as his manhood stiffened further. He loved the beauty of the naked female body, but one that was bound at his hand was a wonderful turn on. He gazed from her smooth rounded heels, held together showing a small amount of her smooth soles. His eyes wandered up her well-shaped legs to her firm buttocks, gliding up her well-toned back. Her long hair forming a point on her spine. Finally her slender arms bound by the rope, holding her in this beautiful artistic position. He watched her reactions, she knew he was looking at her, inspecting her, she let out small Approving moans as she was gripped by the moment, the anticipation, the fear, the blushing Humiliation.

The mirrors had been positioned so she could see him too; she was looking at him inspecting her as he could see her doing the same. A wonderful idea he thought. He picked up his whip, a semi soft single tailed flogger, and implement that was mildly painful And left a lovely red mark where it struck. He looked over at her naked body, ready to be whipped; he smiled feeling like a painter about to Mark this wonderful canvass to produce a thing of beauty.

This event was not about inflicting pain for malice, it was all about touch, stimulation, using the whip to excite and stimulate both him and her. He was an expert with the whip and knew how to bring the best out of a submissive woman. Getting the right balance of pain and pleasure was skill, if he got it right she would cum under his whip, this thought excited him more. He gritted his teeth to ride the burst of passion that came over him; and gripped the whip handle tight, carefully selecting his first point of impact.

He paused for a moment, contemplating his power over her, allowing her time to drown in the anticipation of the coming strokes. He was always surprised at how these practices excited him. In normal life he was a mild mannered man, always seeking diplomatic solutions, his job was to protect people, and he was very good at it. This character he played now was his alter ego, a kind of escapism, allowing his darker desires to come to the fore. But this was not to be a violent act, even though it simulated it. He was appalled by violence against women; he viewed such actions to be the work of weak, insecure, cowardly men. This was a world away from that; this was using his skill and his whip to stimulate. Creating a mood that would release this girl's submission and unleash a powerful orgasm In her as the mood and event took hold of her. He gazed again at her body, stretched, ready for his lash, ready to receive his marks. He gritted his teeth once more as he decided now was the time.

He watched her close her eyes in the mirror; she was deep into erotic tension now. Waiting for the first stroke, her body was alive he could tell.

He brought the whip up and slashed it over her shoulders at a moderate force. LASH! His eyes flashed; as he was the whip strike her shoulders, hearing her moan. The sight of the whip striking her and her reaction, the sound of the leather hitting her flesh Was beautifully erotic. As he drew the whip back, a clean red line had been left on her shoulders, her first mark. His manhood swelled at this. He let the whip go again, striking just below the first at the same force. She sucked in air and arched her back, moaning again. His third stroke was aimed at the centre of her back; he had positioned this stroke to lick around to her breasts.

She moaned loud now as the whip licked around her body like a hot tongue, making her writhe. She was breathing hard now, fast breaths as her body adjusted itself to accepting the strokes. She was slipping into sub space already, like being drugged, the body compensating for the infliction by producing endurance chemicals. The forth stroke slashed across her buttocks making her rise on tiptoe. He enjoyed this reaction immensely, almost ejaculating; smiling he whipped her across the buttocks again, making her moan louder. Her body was used to the strokes now, he noted this and increased the force. The fifth lash stuck her lower back, she arched beautifully as another red line began to show on her pale, smooth skin. He felt deeply excited now, but still in expert control. In his experience it was the 6 th or 7th stroke that normally produced a sudden, explosive orgasm from the girl. He aimed a stroke at the centre of her back again, watching her quiver as she looked upwards Licking the air with her tongue.

The seventh lash he aimed at her upper thighs, making her shriek in surprise. He was on fire now sexually, his eyes flashing every time he whipped her, his manhood hard in his Trousers, rubbed by his movement as he whipped her. He laid another lash over her shoulders and she broke. Letting out a long moan as her body collapsed into orgasm. She bucked uncontrollably as the power of her sexual release shook her, her body quivering. His eyes flashed and he let out a triumphant snarl as he whipped her again, and again as she Rode her orgasm. He was sweating now, he lowered the whip, leaving her to slowly calm from her burst of passion.

He paused for a moment, taking in her body, now bearing the red lines left by his whip. His shaft hard in his leather, bursting with sexual power from the delight of whipping this Beautiful woman. Now he would take his pleasure.

He approached her from behind, she moaned again as she felt him approach. He gazed down her marked body, happy with his work. He bent down, picking up the shackles he had left on the floor. Now she would be chained, he took the first shackle and opened it, slowly encircling her smooth left ankle with it. He almost ejaculated as he snapped the cool metal around her delicate ankle. She gasped in delight as he did this. HE relished the sight, a woman's slender ankle, locked in this harsh metal, so beautiful and erotic. He was almost shaking now as he snapped the other shackle in place, she again gasped delight As she was captured by his chains.

He reached up releasing her wrists, immediately putting them behind her as he quickly locked her wrists with the same type of shackles. Her nipples so hard now, as her whipped back and buttocks rubbed against his body. She was chained hand and foot now, totally controlled. He completed her bonds by slipping a leather collar of ownership around her slender neck. He held the chain of the collar and walked around to her front, his manhood almost bursting out of his trousers now. He had contemplated sexual intercourse after he had whipped her, but he realised that he was so Excited and thrilled that he would peak too soon and not satisfy her. He tugged the leash down and she immediately knelt before him, allowing him to look over her back and see the marks he had made. He gazed at the smooth pink soles of her bare feet in his chains and was overwhelmed. Seeking immediate pleasure from her.

She looked at his right hand, holding the whip that had beaten her so precisely. His left hand holding her leash chain confirming that she was owned, his to do with as he pleased.

She watched him slowly unzip his leather trousers and she looked up, in utter devotion. He dropped his leathers and underwear exposing his shaft, almost fit to burst, glistening with his Pre cum, his erection the product of his excitement at her flogging. She looked up at him as he looked down. He stood there motionless, not needing to give her instructions, as she engulfed his shaft with her mouth, like a snake devouring an egg.

She deep throated immediately, he gritted hard as he felt the wonderful feeling this gave. He always enjoyed oral sex, but after such a mood build up this was intense. She began a rapid rhythm, he looked over at the mirror, seeing her head bob on him as she worked to release his orgasm, his excitement heightened as he saw her bare toes curl with pleasure, in his chain. She made beautiful, lustful noises as she sucked, he gazed from her chained bare feet to her whipped back, to her chained wrists, his mind a whirl at an overload of beautiful imagery.

She worked his shaft relentless, so hard from the spectacle of whipping her, He looked down gritting his teeth, riding almost excruciating pleasure. He felt himself to be almost at the point of ejaculation, her moth worked him relentless. He gripped her chain, fighting to delay it as long as he could. He looked at the mirror again, at this picture of ultimate devotion as he let go. He snarled as his ejaculation began, powerful bursts of his seed shooting into her mouth. There had been no time to remove his shaft from her, but for the first time he did not care. She greedily swallowed his semen as he continued to buck, looking up at him in worship. Such powerful devotion as she milked him dry. He slipped out of her mouth as his seed dribbled down her neck and over her breasts like warm Rain, she gasped with delight at this.

His sexual drive now subsided, as is the curse of the male, he was covered in sweat. He snapped the leash up silently ordering her to stand. He led her by her neck into his bedroom, she padded after him, her chains clinking as she walked.

She stood at the side of his bed; he unclipped her leash and unchained her hands. He left the shackles on her feet and her collar. She stood there dutifully as he undressed; he laid face down as she gazed at him, looking over his Naked body.

Again she needed no instruction as she laid at his side, she stroked his back, his buttocks, his legs. As her chained bare feet stroked the satin of his bed cover. Soothing him as he rested.

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