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Horror and violence sex in hallow in party
"Zip." The light sound echoed in the automobile's interior. Paul and Katie were sitting in the front seat, they turned and looked at each other. Slight grins grew across their lips as the passenger, Katie, turned her head and body fully to glance behind her.

"What are you two doing back there?" Katie asked rhetorically, in an exaggerated manner. She propped her arm across the back of the seat and peered into the dark only to see the shadow of Ryan's head moving back and forth, centered in Jay's lap.

"What are they doing?" Paul bellowed from the driver's seat. His arm extended outward, resting his wrist on the steering wheel, guiding the vehicle with slight sways to one side then the other. He turned his head quickly to peek into the back seat.

"Keep your eyes on the road!" Katie shouted as she placed her hand on Paul's face and guided his head to face forward. "You can't see anything except Ryan's head going up and down; up and down." She said with a snorting laugh. Her blonde pony tail swayed like an airport windsock displaying her excitement in bursts of energetic hand movements and blonde hair whipping like a cracked whip as her head turned from Paul, towards the back seat then back to Paul.

"Would you two mind your own business!" Jay moaned from the back seat. His round face lit up bright as a candle in a pumpkin when the car passed under a street lamp. Katie glanced back just in time to catch the big smile on his lips. His hand rested on the back of Ryan's head gently as she continued to give Jay his Halloween trick and treat. Rubbing, pulling and gliding her fingers to follow her lips along Jay's stiffened muscle. Then the darkness engulfed them as they passed the street lamp's illumination.

"Why don't you slide over here and do that to me?" Paul asked Katie, smiling as he reached his right arm out towards her with hopes it would come back with fingers locked in the back of her head, but...

"You need to keep your eyes on the road. There are trick or treaters walking from house to house everywhere, so you need to stay focused," Katie said while moving from the center of the bench seat and nestled closer to him as they drove down the street. Katie chirped a positive note into Paul's ear as she slid closer and put her hand on his leg. "Later!" She whispered warmly then kissed his neck.

Street lamps, evenly spaced, brought a variation of light and dark areas as the vehicle made its way from one street light to another. Children dressed in costumes, accompanied by adults, would appear here and there. Paul and Katie watched as different costumed characters appeared on the sidewalks before them, then disappeared behind them as they drove by.

Houses were decorated with pumpkins, skeletons and bats that hung from trees, overhangs and doors. Witches with broom sticks, black cats and spider webs that were purchased and placed there on purpose adorned windows. Most of the homes had their porch lights on and many had carved jack-o-lanterns with either lights or candles that flickered an eerie grin. Flashlights could be seen in the distance, swinging from arms of pedestrians.

"Look!" Katie blurted out loudly as she pointed to a group of costumed trick or treaters. "Tarzan, now that is sexy." Her head turned as they passed by, watching till she could no longer see the man wearing nothing but a tiger striped cloth across his lower-mid-section.

Paul turned the steering wheel sharply and the car whipped into an alley, slinging every one to the left as the vehicle veered right. The alley-way was lit only by the vehicle's headlights, the car slowly maneuvered through the alley's narrow path, guided by a lone street lamp that beamed in the distance like a bright star in the night sky.

"Where are you going? This is not the way to the party," Katie said with a serious tone in her voice, unsure if she had upset Paul with her exaggerated stare at Tarzan's outfit.

"I have to pee!" Paul spat. He applied the brakes which made the alley way behind them glow red from the vehicle's brake-lights, giving off an eerie hue. Placing the car in park Paul opened his door and exited the sedan. He glanced back at Katie as he shut the door.

"Aw great! Now you'll probably get a ticket for pissing in public." She mumbled.

"Oh shit, Oh my god. Oh... Oh! Ahhhh..." The sounds came from the back seat. Katie turned to look. Jay's eyelids flickered and a plastered grin grew across his face. Ryan raised her head up from his lap, smacking as well as licking her lips, brushing back her medium length brown hair.

"Oh my... Jay," Katie snickered. Her eyes were glued to Jay's lap, his cock still exposed and still at attention. His dark clothing allowed his exposed love muscle to shine like a white ribbon on black velvet. He smiled and began wrestling to put his creature of lust back in its denim cage.

"Hey! I got a pussy!" Paul blurted from outside. Katie reluctantly turned to see what Paul was babbling about. Ryan pulled her purse from her side, reached in and retrieved a make-up bag then began primping. Jay fastened his Levi's. Paul came back to the car holding a little black kitten in the palm of his hand.

"What?" Katie asked as she leaned toward the window to see what Paul was holding. Paul reached out toward Katie, offering her to take the kitten from his hand. She began to slowly melt like butter in the sun. "Aw," Katie whimpered as she curled and cuddled the tiny feline. "Where did you get it?"

"In those boxes by the trash cans," He answered.

"Come on... we have a bitchin' Halloween party to go to," Jay bellowed from the back seat. Ryan, silent as a spring flower, laid her purse next her and plopped a long piece of gum between her teeth and held it. Looking at Jay to ensure that he was watching her toying play, Ryan's lips rose as she showed her 'ghost white' teeth fully and bit the piece of gum in half.

"Ouch!" Jay said with a snicker and they both laughed. Ryan's hand reached up to Jay's mouth and she placed the other half-piece of gum between Jay's teeth. She laid it gently on his tongue with a gliding, fondling and playful finger.

"Can I keep him... her... it?" Katie asked Paul. Her flushed rosy cheeks grew with her smile, which charmed Paul into nodding his head; yes.

"Lets go!" Jay barked while Ryan curled into him like Katie curled into the Kitten. Paul climbed back in the car and began driving away.

"My turn," Ryan whispered, pulling Jay towards her as she leaned back in the seat, spread her legs while pulling her short dress upward, exposing her bone white panties.

"Halloween Party time!" Paul rallied as the car began to slowly make its way through the alley. Katie was engrossed in her little black pussy while Jay began to give Ryan a Halloween tongue trick.

"What in the... " Paul mumbled as he slowed the vehicle and starred straight ahead. The vehicle came to a complete stop as Katie turned her head to see what had Paul in an hypnotic gaze. Under the only street lamp on this alley block, in the middle of the alley's drive, was a black cat. Standing sideways and slightly hunched, it's eyes reflected red from the spotlight beams that came from the vehicle's head-lights.

"That has to be this kitten's mother!" Katie blurted.

"You don't know that!" Paul snapped back at Katie's words.

"Well that cat is a black cat and so is this kitten. That cat in the street obviously is trying to get your attention. Don't cats usually run across a road when cars drive by?" Katie argued, tilting her head in a 'matter of fact' manner.

"Okay, you have some good points. What do you want me to do?" Paul turned and looked Katie directly in her big brown eyes.

"Put the kitten back, Paul," Katie said shyly. Paul put the car in park, grasped the kitten behind the shoulders with one hand, taking the kitten from Katie's hands in a rough and impolite manner. He bolted from the car and walked behind the vehicle to where he had gotten the kitten; put it back in a box then came running back to the car. He climbed in and shut the door. Looking forward he saw that the cat waited till Paul was looking its way before it slowly and graciously walked into the darkness and disappeared like a shadow melting into the night.

"There, you happy?" Paul said in a short tone. He put the car in drive and the vehicle began moving forward. Katie was looking right at Paul while Paul kept his eyes on the road. As they drove under the alley's street light the car lit up with illumination. Both Paul and Katie's eyes met. They both turned forward just as the black cat ran back across the alley way in front of the vehicle.

"STOP!" Katie screamed out loudly. Paul slammed on the brakes. The car hadn't had time to gain any speed but it acquired enough momentum that it sent both Jay and Ryan into the back floor board and Katie had to quickly grab the dash in order to keep from being slung forward.

"What!" Paul yelled.

"What the fuck?" Jay spat as he crawled from the vehicles carpeted flooring pulling Ryan up behind him.

"Your fixing to cross a black cat's path. You have to go back!" Katie said in a whimper, watching Paul's face become wrinkled with aggravation.

"I am not superstitious!" Paul pulled his foot from the brake, placed it on the accelerator pedal, and the car began rolling forward once again.

"Okay, everybody, hold a button!" Katie said as she looked at Paul then turned to look at the two in the back seat; while grasping a button on her blouse. "I'm not kidding, grab a button quick."

"Okay," Jay said laughing. He leaned into Ryan and slowly put his hand into her shirt, fondling with his fingers to grip her nipple. Ryan arched her back and pressed her chest into his playful finger-tips. "I've got a button." Jay said laughing.

"I've 'got milk' too!" Ryan snickered.

"I am serious guys," Katie whined. Paul had driven past the area where they had seen the black cat. He didn't hold a button, in fact both his hands were busy driving the car, fumbling for his cigarette pack and lighting a match.

"Okay, don't say I didn't warn you!" Katie said as she released the button on her half open blouse. "The only other way you can un-do the curse of crossing a black cat's path is to walk in a circle; then walk backwards across where you crossed the cat; then count to 13 and read a quote from the bible."

"Are you for real?" Paul spat, reaching his arm outward and resting it on the steering wheel as he drove. He leaned heavily into the driver's side door, took a long drag off his cig, and released a fog of smoke that streamed out the partially open window.

"Yes," Katie spat back as she reached over and grabbed a handful of Paul's man-hood and gently squeezed. "You feel me?" She laughed as she released. "You know black cats are really witches on Halloween night. Witches can turn into a black cat on Halloween nights, but they can only do this nine times. That is why they say cats have nine lives."

"Katie!" Ryan yelled from the back seat. "Shut up!" Katie glanced behind her to look at Ryan, as Paul turned the car onto a suburban street and accelerated slightly. The trick or treaters crossing the road were a quick reminder for Paul to drive cautiously.

The vehicle lit up brightly as they passed under a street lamp. Jay's knees were buried into the car's floor while his head was busy in Ryan's lap. Ryan leaned back as far as she could and became theatrically absorbed in Jay's Halloween lollipop tongue exercise. Ryan glanced to ensure that Katie's eyes were tuning into their sexual frequency. Then she smiled like the cat that had swallowed the canary.

Paul continued to drive through the neighborhood, making turns, slowing down for excited costumed monsters and strolling adults. He was paying more attention to his cigarette than he was to Katie; whom was engrossed in the playfulness of the couple in the rear-seat of the car.

"Oh Jay, that feels so good." Ryan relayed without restraint as she pulled Jay's head into her lap tightly, arching her back fully and pressing her hips towards his hungry mouth. Katie laid her arm on the back of her seat and turned more fully for a front row seat to watch the dim to dark, live porn show, in the back of the sedan.

Paul pulled up to the curb and put the car in park. Katie turned forward and saw that they were at their final destination, the Halloween party. Katie bolted out of the car from the passenger's side as Paul got out of the driver's side, both shutting their doors at the same time. Ryan and Jay never moved, they were still inner-twined in each other like a braid of hair.

"Katie," A voice yelled from across the street. A group of people walking towards the Party's entrance waved wildly. Paul waved back as Katie yelled.

"Hey Sarah, wait up!" Katie come around the front of the car as Paul leaned against the front fender. "Come on!" Katie ushered Paul with a waving hand as she started across the street.

"I'll be their in a minute. I want to finish this... " raising his cigarette upward. "Go ahead honey, I'll be there in a minute. I'll peel these two love birds from the upholstery and lock up the car then I'll be right behind you."

"Okay," Katie jogged gleefully across the street toward her friend and they exchanged hugs and joyful greetings. Jay and Ryan fell out of the back seat as Paul opened the door. They began straightening their clothes and running their hands through their hair while composing their legs to begin walking towards Katie.

Paul shut the door and locked the car. Ryan scrambled to find her brush in the bottom of her purse while Jay tucked his shirt into his pants. Paul began walking across the street right behind Jay as Katie yelled.


Paul looked toward where Katie was pointing, the street light down the road. There stood a black cat as if it were standing under a spotlight. "Would you look at that!" He mumbled.

"Hey, its a black pussy." Ryan said as she looked at it laughing. Paul put his cigarette between his thumb and forefinger and flicked it toward the cat. It sailed about half-way and crashed into the concrete, spewing a tiny explosion of sparks. The cat never moved.

"Look!" Katie yelled again.

"What!" Paul yelled back as he started to walk towards Katie. Jay and Ryan followed.

A pick-up truck drove through the center of the street, "Thump, thump, thump... bump, bump, clunk," as if he didn't even see Paul, Jay and Ryan, that now lay on the asphalt. The sound of screeching tires and blood curdling screams echoed down the street.

"Noooo...!" Katie yelled as she sank to her knees and melted into the grass shedding a trail of tears. She tried to make an attempt to go towards Paul, but her body would not co-operate and she folded into the lawn crying. Her friend, Sarah, wrapped her arms around her while others ran toward the scene of the accident.

The driver stopped the truck and darted from the vehicle in hysterics. "Oh no! Oh no!" The man cried out, swaying as he walked to the rear of his vehicle, both from shock and intoxication. He staggered towards Paul, Jay and Ryan that lay motionless in the street. Trails of dark liquid flowed from each of them as they lay with mangled limbs and obvious fatal injuries.

The police arrived immediately, roping off the area while red, blue, and white lights swirled through the trees and the street, making a clear path for the ambulance to back up to the victims and place them on stretchers. Observers, costumed and not, stood on both sides of the street while a wrecker hooked on to the truck and hauled it away. The police took the driver into custody and removed him as well.

The police tried to talk to Katie but were unable to get a response from her. They relayed that one of the victims, Jay, was in critical condition. They gave their sympathy in earnest while they relayed that the other two did not survive the incident.

Sarah relayed that 'they would get her home quickly and safely.' Sarah put her arm around Katie and guided her towards their parked car.

"They didn't hold their buttons." Katie said while looking downward, her eyes had a fixed stare, gazing nowhere in-particular. "They didn't hold their buttons." She said over and over while walking with Sarah and her other friends.

As they neared the vehicle, a black cat darted out from under the car and shot like a shadow into the darkness; across the sidewalk. Katie froze in her tracks, peering into the black corners of a nearby house where the feline had run.

"Did you see that?" Katie mumbled as Sarah tried to guide Katie forward. "Oh no, I am going around. Never, I mean never, cross a black cat's path. Especially on Halloween night." Katie said to Sarah still sobbing while she turned completely around and began walking away, glancing back over her shoulder towards the shadows. Her fingers nervously rubbing a button on her blouse.

"Katie! You have to get in the car!" Sarah barked, racing to catch up to Katie and guide her back to the vehicle.

"Then you can have them drive the car over here. Then I'll get in and you can take me home." Katie stopped walking away, still holding her button and sniffling. Sarah went to the car and ushered the driver to turn the vehicle around and meet them by the sidewalk where Katie stood.

Katie felt something touch her leg but she was lost in her thoughts, rubbing her button on her blouse continually, standing at the curb. Then she felt something rub her leg again and she looked down at her feet. There was a black cat gently and affectionately rubbing her lower leg, weaving in and out of her feet in a crazy eight formation. Katie gasped and froze. The car pulled up to Katie and Sarah got out as the cat vanished with a trot into the darkness.

Sarah helped Katie into the back seat and they drove away. Still in shock, confused and withdrawn, Katie sat in a fixed gaze into the black shadows where the black cat had ran, rubbing her blouse's button, mumbling towards the window, "Never cross a black cat's path... black cats are witches on Halloween night... I just know it! Always hold a button if you have to cross a black cat's path."

Katie stared out the vehicle's window as it passed trick or treaters along the sidewalks and houses decorated for the night's occasion. She sniffled, "They didn't hold their buttons."

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