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Take me, Anaxes…Make me your animal
"Announcing the arrival of the Baroness Celide de Fornatte, your Majesty." The Baroness of the Marches entered the glimmering gilded ivory marble hall, which housed the new King-on-the-Lys in resplendent tapestries and curtains of spun gold, regal in a sweeping burgundy taffeta ball gown, her straw-blonde hair piled high upon her head and powdered white to match her creamy skin. As she approached the king on his dais, she bowed deeply, keeping her head up to look to his gilded feet, careful not to spill her carefully styled hair from its coif. The new king's love for gold was well known even among the serfs, as they called him the Golden Triumph.

"Rise, my lady Baroness. Join me in celebrating this wondrous day in which your king has selected his bride." Celide rose at once, curtseying to the king with a pretty, airy smile and then twirling around to join her sister Myrella at the king's banquet table. As she sat, she noticed more people arriving- the Duchess of Perry, Danu Perrin, the Count and Countess Fon du Lac, the Baron of Carholde whose name Celide had clumsily forgotten, and finally the King's elder brother Renould. He wasn't as handsome as King Karmine; Renould had straight and stringy dull brown hair as opposed to his brother's brown and gold locks, which bounced luxuriously now as he laughed at a joke fair Danu had whispered in his ear. The king was rumored to have a fondness for the widowed duchess, married young and widowed young like Celide herself, and many agreed that he was already wed to her tonight, as opposed to the favored Princess Layda, daughter of the exiled King Sardon, who sat grumpily on the far end of the dais.

Myrella wasn't talking much tonight as her eyes were locked on Prince Larion from the Lower Isles, his sea green eyes lowered quickly behind a mass of raven tangles as he picked at his quail uninterestedly. Myrella was quite comely with her long thick auburn hair and big brown happy eyes, but she was very shy and awkward as she had always been since she was a child. Celide was quite protective over her baby sister and watched this Larion with a mother's wary eyes.

Celide's own quail had grown cold as she filled her thoughts with her own obsession, the king's absent younger brother Anaxes. She had only seen him but once at the coronation, but his sparkling blue eyes and handsome dimpled grin and the way he kept tossing his hair from his face…this had haunted her for lonely nights after.

"My loyal supporters, please let me entertain you tonight with the help of my own royal lutist, the Fool of Sorrow!" Everyone in the hall cheered as the lute player stepped from behind the dais, dressed in a motley costume of blue and black; a masquerade mask fitted with lush feathers covering his face. As he walked towards the table, he grinned, his black pointed shoes adorned with tiny bells tinkling softly, his fingers beginning to strum the lute in a lover's caress. His melodic tenor echoed softly through the walls of the great hall and Celide was quite distracted from the chatter of the ladies around her, gossiping drunkenly. The last verse of "The King's Victory," a song written not even a day after Karmine's sudden victory, flowed around her softly.

He rode up to give the Good King a crown,
But the Exile King, he stood his ground,
Good King's men rear'd up to knock'm down,
Oh and you know the end, you know, you know!

Celide watched a few lords and their ladies get up to lead a circle dance, the remaining at the table laughing and talking loudly through a drunken haze. Myrella and the Prince had even made eye contact, she noticed. His sweaty hair was sticking to his flushed face as he glanced at Myrella shyly and Myrella's own face was redder than dinner wine.

The fool kept playing his lute as the dancers returned to their seats, red faced and laughing breathlessly. The King pulled himself away from Danu's lavish attention enough to stand and shout for silence. All the faces in the room turned to him in an instant, intent on the revelation he was about to reveal.

"I have decided upon a Queen. My love will rule beside me for as long as we live, for I have pledged this to her already, as well as my heart. Welcome your new Queen, Danu of Perry, now Danu Queen-on-the-Lys." A resounding cheer echoed through the halls as Danu stood shyly, her round face glowing with a proud blush. The King took her hand and announced that this day they were wed and were to seal the wedding bond at the pillow tonight. All of the ladies blushed, the older ones smirking at their husbands or kissing them in nostalgia. The men grinned and got up to congratulate the King on his luck.

Celide noticed the lutist staring at her from the bottom of the dais, his brown hair cascading from under his mask, curious blue eyes peering at her and making her almost uncomfortable. It was getting stuffy in the hall just then, so she gathered up her skirts and told her sister she was going to get a bit of fresh air.

The balcony overlooking the river was spectacular and she could see for miles down. Trading ships and little fishing boats sailed by even at this late hour, their torch lights glowing like orange stars. The stars in the sky were out themselves tonight and the moonlight was enough so that there really was no need for torches, but the townsfolk were celebrating the marriage, too. Celide could pick out each of the pictures her grandmother taught her to read in the stars…there was the Little Chair and the Growing Man and the Lovers…she was so engrossed in her star-gazing that she didn't notice that there was another on the balcony with her.

"Celide dans Marches…You are more beautiful every time I see you." Celide turned to see the lutist behind her, changed out of his motley costume and into a deep blue velvet jerkin and deeper blue leggings. His undershirt was fine silk the blue of the summer sky to match his eyes…the eyes of Anaxes, brother to the King. Her shock must have been plain on her face for he smiled quite handsomely and moved forward to take her arm.

"So you have an affection for star-gazing, I see. I have always loved the night sky and have spent many a night under it wondering how many were looking at the same stars. Maybe we shared a night or two like that, yes?"

Celide couldn't help but to look into his eyes as he spoke, her heart fluttering in her throat. "Y-yes…yes, I am sure we have, my lord." She gathered her courage and smiled at him as sweet as she could.

"Shall we go inside where it is warm? I could show you to my chambers. I kept some chilled wine in case I found this lady so willing." He winked at her and she giggled, hiding her wicked smile behind her hand modestly.

"That would be lovely, my lord."

With that he led her from the balcony and to the darkened stairwell, the sounds of drunken liaisons filling the emptiness of the night. As they made their way up the stairs, Celide tripped and nearly tumbled down the stairs over a pair of young lovers groping each other clumsily.

"Pardon me, my lady," said the girl, her meek voice sounding awfully familiar.

"Myrella?" Celide offered.

The girl jumped up, her voice high and wavering, "Oh Cel, please don't tell, we were just kissing, I'm sorry, I…"

Celide cut her off with a kiss on her forehead and continued up the stairs.

"Ah, to be young again," Anaxes mused with a grin. "Do you remember your first kiss, my lady?"

She smiled at him then cast her eyes down to watch her feet as she walked, remembering back quite a few years. "Yes…I remember it. I was eight and my mother had offered to let my cousins stay with us that summer. My oldest cousin Widre had taken a fondness to me and claimed to be my champion.

"One day we were playing in the garden, just us two, when suddenly he took me around the waist and kissed me. I screamed and ran from him but I remembered him always for that. He died in the Kings War last year, I'm afraid. I will miss him; he was very warm hearted."

Anaxes was smiling at Celide sweetly as she related her story, suddenly stopping at a chamber door. "That is very sweet. My first kiss was much the same…but enough stories. Let's have some wine, shall we?"

Anaxes opened the door and heat pushed out at her. A fire roared in the wall at the right while a great wooden red linen covered canopy bed took up the greater part of the left wall. A small cushioned couch sat near the foot of the bed and upon a small table sat a bucket of ice with a decanter of wine lodged in it.

A wheel of yellow cheese sat next to it, a dainty knife sticking up from the center, and two dainty wine glasses beside it. A bowl of fruit sat next to the bed, looking a deal more delicious than the cheese.

"Please sit, my lady, make yourself comfortable. Would you like ice in your wine?" Celide nodded politely, smoothing her skirts and sitting down at the far end of the little couch. Anaxes poured the wine into the two glasses, plopping a few chunks of ice into them. Carefully he handed one to her, smiling until his dimples poked deep into his cheeks. Celide smiled back at him, sipping at her wine slowly.

"Ahhh, don't do it like that, my lady…You have to drink it before it gets warm again. Like this." Throwing his head back, he drained the glass in one fell gulp, gasping and wiping his lips as he looked over to her, his eyes twinkling like wicked little stars.

"You do it now," he commanded. Celide looked at him rather warily, not sure she wanted to do it or could. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes...and gulped down the wine, albeit a bit slower than Anaxes. Her head swam as she opened her eyes again to see Anaxes peeling a peach with the little cheese knife.

"Do you like peaches, my lady? I love them...they are soft and sweet and sticky...just like a woman." Anaxes ran his tongue over the fruit slowly, flicking over a small bump and sucking at it, his eyes turning to her and running through her like electricity and leaving her aching. He sat the peach on the small table and moved to her slowly, crawling towards her like an animal stalking his prey.

"I'd like to find out if you taste like a peach, Celide. I want to know right now." His hands ran over her shoulders and her arms feather light, making her skin prick with goosebumps. Her breath came sharply, each touch more heated than the next, his hands moving over her stomach now and up to her breasts where they lingered teasingly.

"I know you are no stranger to a man's love, my lady. Tell me to stop and I will." He pushed against her then, pulling her around to lie beneath him on the couch. She felt his arousal against her thigh and felt her own stir between her thighs.

"Anaxes…I have not known a man in years. I would not tell you to stop if the walls around us were on fire." She pulled him down closer to her as his hands rubbed her breasts through her dress and they kissed, tongues probing and licking the other's mouth, her hands pushing his hair back from his face. They kissed for what seemed like an eternity and finally Anaxes pushed away.

Celide watched him hungrily as he kicked off his boots and quickly unbuttoned his jerkin. Celide rose to help him out of his shirt, kissing along his exposed shoulders and chest as they emerged from the soft silk. She helped him loosen his leggings and pulled them down slowly. As she saw what lay beneath, she looked up to him with a grin to match the one on his face.

Anaxes pulled the pin from her elaborate coif and pulled her hair out between his fingers, shaking the powder from her tresses and combing through the tangles. Celide began to stroke his ever hardening manhood, caressing it gently before she began to lick at the tip of it like a cat.

She whimpered softly as his fingers twisted in her hair, pulling her head closer to him to take him into her mouth. She fought against him, licking and kissing the length of his cock to the root before he pulled back and pushed himself into her mouth.

She sucked at him gently, her tongue undulating around him as she did, her hands moving to stroke his inner thighs. His hips worked with her head as she moved back and forth on him, low moans emerging from his dry lips.

As Celide began to knead his balls he threw his head back and thrust himself deeper into her mouth, wisps of spit dribbling down her chin as she sucked on him harder and harder. Anaxes pulled her off of him, grabbing her arms and helping her to her feet.

He softly whispered into her ear, "I would never be young again…Do you know why? No virgin girl can do things like that, Celide."

His hands unsnapped the back of her dress as he kept whispering into her ear, "I want to taste you, my summer peach. I want to drown in your sweetness. Tell me you want me to, Celide. Tell me."

She let her dress fall away from her, her thin chemise sticking to her sweaty skin. She grabbed his chin as he took her in and looked him in the eyes.

"I want you to taste me, Anaxes." She thrust her hand between her legs to feel the wetness that was running down her thighs. "I know you will find me sweet."

He pulled his hand back from between her legs and she licked his fingers, sucking the juices from each one like she had sucked his cock moments before.

"You have to taste the fruit itself, my lord." Anaxes pulled the chemise over her head in one motion and picked her up to turn around and place her on the bed. Her legs spread slightly as his lips kissed down her chest and over her nipples, to her navel and then to the mound of hair between her legs. Before he kissed it he smiled up at her expectant face, he stood up and moved to the table, his back to her.

"What are you doing, I pray?"

He turned around and slid back onto the bed, climbing over Celide and kissing her, his tongue sliding a piece of peach into her mouth as he kissed her, snaking it back out again as he pulled away.

As he started to kiss her neck, something soft and wet and not a tongue slid out from between his lips and began to move down her chest, leaving a wet trail between her breasts and over her stomach. Deftly, his hands moved to caress her thighs, spreading them wide as his lips moved down to her wetness.

His lips moved over her mound gingerly, the wet wedge of peach trailing down to her lips to caress down one and then up the other slowly, teasing. Her hips bucked at him and she moaned, her hands pushing at his head for more, yet he still teased her, a finger moving up to rub at her entrance softly.

"Please, please, please, I beg you, taste me, ohh my lord," she moaned as the peach wedge made its way between her nether lips.

Anaxes wiggled the fruit up her slit and circled around her red swollen clit, rubbing it and flicking it back and forth as Celide cried for more and more. He reached up and took the fruit from his mouth and started to lick her with a long flat tongue, the peach and his index finger wiggling inside of her slowly. She grabbed his hair, crying out in ecstasy, her hips moving with the rhythm of his finger, tongue-lashing her clit madly.

He pulled his finger out of her roughly and sucked the peach from her pussy, holding it in his mouth as he wriggled his tongue deep inside her. One of his hands gripped her ass tightly while the other pinched her clit savagely, the room ringing with her moans and cries of pleasure. Her hands grabbed his hair and pulled up his head so that he looked at her, face coated with her juices.

"Lick me here, my lord," Celide said as she pointed to her clit. Anaxes slowly descended upon it, his eyes boring holes through hers as he did, licking and sucking at her noisily as she writhed and thrashed under him, screaming his name for all the castle to hear as she came and came and came.

Her screaming soon turned to low moaning and he licked up all he could from her dripping hole, climbing slowly over her once again to kiss her full on the mouth. Celide's tongue snaked into his mouth to lick her own honey from his mouth hungrily.

As her tongue found the peach, Anaxes grabbed her hips and thrust into her, her teeth snapping the peach in two. She swallowed the bits whole and wrapped her legs around his waist as he drove into her madly.

The bed squealed at the fervor of Anaxes' lunging strokes. Celide pushed at his hips in rhythm, her back arched to take him in all the way. A hand groped her breast, pinching the nipple and kneading while the other held her ass as he fucked wildly.

"Get on your knees, do it, do it Celide…I want to take you like an animal," he groaned between thrusts.

Celide bid what he asked, pulling herself off of him with a gasp and turning over onto all fours. She looked back at him feigning shyness and wiggled her rear.

"Mmm…hold on to the posts, my lady." Celide gripped the bedposts, her face touching the bed and turned to the side. She wiggled her ass again, lifting it into the air.

"Is this what you want, my lord? Do you want to take me from behind? I've never done it like this…Show me how good it feels. Make me scream, my lord."

Her ass wiggled higher, purring, "Take me, Anaxes…Make me your animal."

It drove him over the edge so he grabbed her hips and thrust into her with a grunt, fucking her so passionately it nearly drove the wind out of her. She let go of the posts to grip the sheets violently, growling out screams as Anaxes drove into her mercilessly, sweat pouring off their bodies to make a slapping noise as his hips and thighs smacked into hers faster and faster.

Celide bit down into the sheets to scream, her pussy clamping him deep inside of her as it rippled in orgasm. His own tore over him in torrents, slamming his seed deep inside of her until he collapsed breathless at the foot of the bed, dizzy and floating from the impact of his climax. Celide was sprawled out panting, her eyes unfocused and head fuzzy, the most amazing feeling she had ever had spread through her like warm water.

Catching his breath, Anaxes sat up and cradled Celide in his arms, kissing her face tenderly. She opened her eyes to smile at him, the sweat on her face making her glow in the firelight.

"My dear lord," she purred in a raspy voice, "How sweet am I, after all?"

"The sweetest peach I have ever tasted, my lover. Tell me, do you think the Lovers in the sky love like we do?" Celide smiled sweetly at him, her eyes twinkling.

"I think that loving like this probably put them there." They both giggled and slid under the sheets to hold each other tenderly. Just like the Lovers.

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